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One of the most important and dynamic segments of any country is their youth. India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 54% of its population (356 million) being under the age of 25. Tom Crandall once said: “If we don’t give the next generation an encounter with God, there won’t be a generation to carry the Kingdom of God.”

We believe that God has called us to do all that we can to reach India’s youth before the opportunity is missed. Investing in them is necessary in growing the body of Christ in India. Our goal is that every young person would encounter God in a real way to fulfil the purpose God has for their life. In fact, four out of five Indian Christians have said that they believe in Jesus because of something that influenced them before they turned 14. Our responsibility is to teach the youth and bring them up wisely. They are the future of the church in India and the world.

The AIM Hobby Club’s mission is to inspire and engage young believers to influence their generation for Christ. We do this through various activities, meetings, events, career guidance, life skills classes, retreats, gatherings, and outreach programs. It is our prayer that we may build new leaders by refining their faith and building a strong, unbreakable relationship with God as they also develop relationships with their peers.


Healthy churches and self-sufficiency for all pastors in north India.

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