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Build up the local church

Acts India Mission seeks to build up the local church. Donations to this ministry will go towards working with a network of lay pastors through discipleship and business development.

Thank you for your gift that will help plant churches in South Asia!

*Lightbearers serves as an intermediary between donors and Acts India Mission. All funds raised will be directed towards the ministry described above.*

There are three main areas in which funds are allocated:

Sponsor a church planter

Local pastors will be equipped to plant churches in unreached areas in South Asia through a year-long training program. Some courses include: entry strategy, evangelism, discipleship skills, and church formation. They will also receive practical experience in the field with guidance from staff members before being sent out to areas in which they will plant a church. Total cost for the training is $350 per person.

Support a staff member

There are necessary expenses when running a ministry, including staff support. Staff members and core group members are able to focus on training church planters through your partnership.

Sponsor a small business

As part of their training, church planters are given the tools to start a small business to support their families. At times, Acts India Mission will provide some assistance with initial start-up costs. Once in operation, these businesses provide a steady income for pastors so they can dedicate some of their time to ministering to their church.



Healthy churches and self-sufficiency for all pastors in north India.

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