Frequently Asked Questions

Why north India?

The first reason is that it is our home. Secondly, it is one of the least reached areas in the world. Because we know the culture and can communicate in the local language, it is easier for us to share the Gospel. The alternative of sending a foreign missionary here could cost 10 times as much and require much more time.

Who are the unreached?

If a people group or an area is less than 2% Christian, it is considered unreached.

How does Acts India Mission reach the unreached?

North India is one of the most unreached parts of the world. We cast vision to the pastors and believers in our existing church network to go into local areas where the Gospel is not known. AIM also equips people for evangelism and church planting through our year-long training program. 

How does Acts India Mission select and train pastors?

We first find people from our existing church network who are interested and train them in four sessions. They are then sent out into the field to practice presenting a simple Gospel presentation and sharing their testimonies. Those who have positive results and remain faithful can then progress to the year-long training program.

If there is someone who is already working in our focused area and wants to receive additional training, they can be considered for the training program and placement with a local team. Those cases are handled individually and decided upon by our staff.

How much does the year-long training program cost?

We have designed our training program so that the cost is very low and more people have the opportunity to attend. The cost for a person to complete the year-long training is $180. One of the exciting parts about our program is that during this time, a pastor will be able to plant a church. 

What do the pastors learn during the year-long training program?

Some of the topics that our staff cover during training include:

  • Entry strategy
  • Presenting the Gospel and sharing your testimony
  • Evangelism
  • Basics of discipleship
  • Church formation
  • Aspects of a healthy church
  • Christian growth and leadership

Pastors also receive personal mentorship, accountability, and partnership with other local ministry workers as well as job skills training.

What type of job skills does Acts India Mission provide pastors?

It depends on what his education level is or what area he is interested in. Some areas in which we can equip someone include electrical or plumbing training, learning to drive, how to make food, and learning computer software or office management skills. These vocational skills help them find a job or start their own business.

Who teaches the classes?

We have a team of trained and experienced leaders who teach our classes. Occasionally we will have guest teachers (both foreign and national) who can contribute to training pastors.

What happens once pastors complete the training program?

We follow the Model-Assist-Watch-Launch (MAWL) model. Once a person completes his training, he remains connected to and meets with the local group for mutual encouragement and fellowship once a month. He also has the opportunity to complete a higher-level Bible course or further develop job skills.

Do you give additional support to pastors as they start planting a church?

From day one, we encourage leaders to work within their reachable areas and to work and then serve. However, there may be a time when someone unexpectedly needs financial assistance or our help in starting a new business.

Those that are planting a church in a new community or unreached area are eligible for financial assistance during the first three years. During that time, we are also finding ways for that person to be self-supported in order for him to provide for his family without our help.

How can I make a financial gift to your ministry?

You can give online by visiting https://lightbearers.kindful.com/?campaign=1037290.

How is my financial gift used in your ministry?

There are three areas in which financial gifts are applied:

  • To support a staff or core group member
  • To sponsor a pastor for church planting training
  • To provide a person with job training or the ability to start a small business


Healthy churches and self-sufficiency for all pastors in north India.

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