Pastoral Training

Acts India Mission provides a year-long training program for church planters and pastors. AIM casts vision to pastors and believers to go into local areas where the Gospel is not known. For those interested in planting a church, we then provide a short training of four sessions of how to share the Gospel and personal testimony. Those who demonstrate their faithfulness and have positive results in the field are then invited to participate in our year-long training program. Participants in the program are often found within our existing church network or by recommendation from trusted partners.

The training program itself consists of sessions that are taught by trained and experienced ministry leaders, both foreign and national, over the course of 12 months. Some of the topics covered are entry strategy, evangelism, discipleship basics, church formation, characteristics of a healthy church, and church growth and leadership. Due to the majority of participants being bi-vocational ministry leaders, AIM strives to keep the cost for the program low.

We also follow a Model-Assist-Watch-Launch model which means that while in the program, participants can begin planting a church. As church planters and pastors later transition out of the training program, they still remain part of our network and receive personal mentorship, accountability, and partnership with other local ministry workers as well as opportunities to take future leadership development classes.


Healthy churches and self-sufficiency for all pastors in north India.

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